Huling Branch Wishbone Playground Mine Reclamation

Berner  is continuing the crop coal removal at the Huling Branch (Wishbone Playground) mine reclamation project located in Westport, PA.  Coal Removal The crop coal removal is scheduled to be completed by late March 2015 followed by the installation of 4,000 linear feet of rock underdrain and site backfill.  Upon completing the backfilling operation the site will be planted with 48,000 tree seedlings.  To finalize the project, Berner will construct 1.6 miles of recreational trails.

Berner Working at Flight 93 Memorial

Berner Construction has been contracted by the National Park Service to perform soil ripping at a portion of the Flight 93 Memorial Nation Park.   The 32 acre soil ripping effort will be performed in preparation of the planting of 21,760 trees.  Berner will use a Caterpillar D-11 equipped with a multi shank ripper to prepare the soil.

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